We know that plenty of boys and girls surf, we see them all the time in our lessons and clubs, but when you look at the line-up on a 3' and clean day it's 90% men. So why aren't girls staying in the sport as much as the boys are? It's an industry-wide problem which results in there being a real shortage of female surf instructors. We don't discriminate here at North Devon Surf School, but there are times when it's really useful to have a female instructor on the team, such as when we need to help someone in the girls' changing room! We're very lucky to have our own senior instructor Charlie (pictured here with surf dog Alan). Charlie loves her job and says "More girls should think about this as a career. I get to spend all day at the beach and I can surf or paddleboard every day". Even if you don't want to be an instructor, surfing as a hobby keeps you fit and healthy, and it's well known in the surf community that surfing is the ultimate de-stress activity.

So come on girls! Those of you who are young and learning - keep doing it. And those of you who are more mature - get out there and have some fun!


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