Tip 7 - The Right Side Turn

Time to go the other way!

The front side turn (facing the wave), this can be performed on unbroken waves as you reach the bottom and white-water waves at any point. A lot of the technique is the same as the backside turn but reversed.

So catch the wave, pop up in a straight line, and start looking along the wave where you want to go. Look by turning your head and then follow with the shoulders. Now use the leading arm to point along the wave. So, your head, leading shoulder, and leading arm are all pointing in the direction you want to go (across the wave).

Now you get an opportunity for a cliché surfing move, read on. Use your trailing arm/hand to reach out and run your fingers along the wave. This makes you lean into the wave and bend the legs, plus you can bond with nature dude by stroking a wave….

As the wave begins to slow down, look towards the beach, ease up on the front foot, drop the arms down and you’ll fade back into a straight line. So now, you can go left and right!

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