Tip 5 - Wave Riding!

Ok, so you’re on that wave gliding along living the dream. However, most newbs do weird stuff at this point. It can be hands in the air like a YMCA routine or some Bruce Lee kind of stance – who knows what is going on within that adrenaline fuelled mind?

So let’s keep today simple; going in a straight line (the neutral position).

Before you can even consider your first turn, you need to master going straight. The pic today is a perfect example from one of our young students in how to do this.

So let’s start at the head; he is looking ahead and not at his feet (very popular mistake). His shoulders are relaxed, which means he is breathing. His hands/arms are in front of his body, his weight is forwards (roughly 80/20 to the front foot), his knees are bent in a relaxed position. His front foot is turned in, his back foot square across the board. Well done A+ in surfing young Jedi!

Everything about his position is neutral = going in a straight line. If you find you are drifting off to the side, something is not lined up, so look at the above tips and find the problem. Remember you cannot learn to turn until you can go straight.

So have a crack at getting your stance right in front of the mirror. Yes, you now have a legitimate reason for this…

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