Tip 1 - Carrying Your Board

Carrying your board can turn into a newbie drama the minute you have to do it on your own. So first things first, make sure your leash is wrapped up tight around the fins. No particular technique required, just make sure it is not going to unravel as you walk. 

When you pick up your big floaty object, you soon realise you need arms like the PG chimp to reach around it. So STOP right there. Carry your board ''deck side'' into your body (as per pic), this means the rocker (curve of the board) is fitting your body shape and the rails (edges) fit into your sweaty pits better, it makes the board feel narrower/easier to carry. Secondly, the wax/textured deck sticks to you, meaning less death grip required. 

When you put it down on the sand to leash up, place fins down (so they stick into the sand) and tail to the wind (so you don't chase it down the beach). 

Right lock this into the memory bank and watch out for Tip 2, (paddling 101 ....).

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