Locked down, lucked out guide to surfing!

OK, next project during the lock down - Fixing your surfing!

Whilst countless articles address the usual ''big subjects'' in surfing, I'm going to address the smaller over looked tips that make a big difference. 

Subjects I am going to ignore are things that everyone has covered a zillion times elsewhere; Boards (make sure it's big enough), Wetsuits (make sure it's small enough) and Fitness (eat less and move more).

I'm going to use the combined brain cell/s? of our amazing coaches to come up with a simple tip in all future posts (every few days) that will make all the difference next time you are allowed to surf ......

See this future advice as the decorators caulk that makes a bad paint job look good from a distance. Over this lock down period we can improve your surfing, so keep checking in for the first of our ''locked down, lucked out guide to surfing''.

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